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About Us

Marla Jadoonanan and her husband Ian bought the former Jamaica Jamaica Restaurant at the corner of 38th Street and Bloomington Ave. and re-christened it Marla's Caribbean Cuisine. Marla, friendly, warm and enthusiastic, clearly loves running her new restaurant.

Marla has authentic Caribbean dishes that her family enjoys. These dishes come from all over the caribbean.

She previously worked as a nurse for 18 years at Fairview hospital, from which she resigned recently. Now she's at the restaurant most of the time--12 hours a day, five days a week.

Her husband comes in evenings after his day job. "This is what I love," Marla explains, "both the front of the house and kitchen. How do you explain that? Nirvana? It's like being a new mother. I wake up ready to go. And my kids are very understanding." Her 17 and 21-year-old kids work in the restaurant on Saturdays. "I need their help and they do a wonderful job," says Marla.

Marla grew up in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. At 15 she moved to Minnesota to join her two brothers. "From Indian, Creole and Latin flavors to Minnesota blah," she laughs. Her husband Ian came from Trinidad 22 years ago.

Marla notes that combining Indian and Caribbean cuisines is a unique restaurant concept. Many parts of the Caribbean have a large Indian population, however. They were brought by the British as indentured workers to work the fields after the slave trade stopped.

Marla has spiffed up the restaurant's interior by installing new carpeting, drapery, and table covers. The exterior of the building was recently painted and in the future will sport murals as well.

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Our food is slow cooked.

If you are pressed on time please

let our staff know and we will do

our best to accomodate.

7 Days without marla's

makes one weak!

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3761 Bloomington Ave SO. Mpls, MN 55407