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About Us

        Marla Jadoonanan was born in Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago. She grew up being the youngest of 7 siblings and came to Nordeast Minneapolis when she was 15. Marla lost both her parents at young age, but before her father passed he made sure that his girls knew how to cook. On Sundays Joe Flat (Marla's Father) would take Marla down to the village where she would cook with the older ladies. This is where her passion for cooking began. If you ask her, she doesn't have any recipes, just a little bit of this and a little                                                  bit of that. Of course, her main ingredient is always lots of love!

Prior to opening a Caribbean Restaurant in 2005, Marla was a nurse at Fairview for 18 years. She resigned at age 40 and decided to pursue her life-long dream of being a restaurant owner. She says, "It's never too late to start over, and always follow your dreams." Something that she instills in her children which you can find at the restaurant and her husband works there in the evenings. If you're lucky Marla will come to the front of the house and say hello.

The cuisine is based out of Trinidad and Tobago, but has a deep Indian influence. The island of Trinidad and Tobago is a huge melting pot of every culture you can think of and when the flavors combine it's like heaven. You will have to come and taste for yourself. Marla's is a small, casual, down-to-earth restaurant. They use the freshest ingredients and make everything to order, so come in, relax, and eat your belly full.

TLDR: After moving to NE MPLS from Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago, Marla followed her dream to own the most flavorful and spiciest caribbean restaurant in the Twin Cities!

About Us


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