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To place a catering order or if you have any questions, please send a message below:

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.








We offer full pans (feeds 23 people)

or half pans (feeds 10 people).

For larger events, we offer per person pricing. (Starting at $18 per person)


If there is something you would like, but do not find it on our menu feel free to ask and we will do our best to accomodate. 


If you are interested in off site catering and delivery please contact us for availability.


let us know what your budget is and we will work with you!

($300 minimum order)


Prices are subject to change.





Doubles $5.00 each

Coco Bread $2.00 each

Beef Patties $5.00 each (can be cut into pieces)

Fried Wings FULL $150.00 HALF $80.00

Jerk Wings FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Ghost Wings FULL $300.00 HALF $150.00

Chicken Entrees:Boneless legs and thighs cut into bite size pieces. 

(if you are interested in bone-in Chicken please contact us for pricing)  

Jerk Chicken FULL $200.00 HALF $100.00 

Curry Chicken FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Stew Chicken FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Chicken Chowmein FULL $200.00 HALF $125.00

Chicken Fried Rice FULL $200.00 HALF $125.00

Chicken Pelau FULL $200.00 HALF $150.00  

Vegetarian Entrees(Vegan): fresh vegetable medley cooked in your choice of sauce. 

(if you are interested in specific vegetables contact us)  

Curry Channa Potato FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Curry Vegetables FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Stew Vegetables FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Jerk Vegetables FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00  

Vegetarian Chowmein FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00

Vegetarian Fried Rice FULL $175.00 HALF $90.00


Beef EntreesBite size chunks of beef cooked in your choice of style.  

Curry Beef FULL $215.00 HALF $95.00

Jerk Beef FULL $225.00 HALF $100.00

Stew Beef FULL $215.00 HALF $95.00

Beef Chowmein FULL $225.00 HALF $115.00

Beef Fried Rice FULL $215.00 HALF $95.00  

Oxtails FULL $300.00 HALF $200.00  

Seafood Entrees: Tilapia Fillets or Shrimp (if you are interested in other seafood options please contact us)  

Curry Shrimp FULL $215.00 HALF $95.00

Jerk Shrimp FULL $225.00 HALF $115.00

Stew Shrimp FULL $215.00 HALF $95.00

Shrimp Chowmein FULL $225.00 HALF $115.00

Shrimp Fried Rice FULL $200.00 HALF $95.00  

Curry Fish FULL $200.00 HALF $95.00

Jerk Fish FULL $225.00 HALF $115.00

Stew Fish FULL $200.00 HALF $95.00

Fish Chowmein FULL $225.00 HALF $115.00

Fish Fried Rice FULL $200.00 HALF $95.00  


(Sides are sold separately for all catering orders.)


Red Beans and Rice FULL $150.00 HALF $65.00

White Rice FULL $60.00 HALF $25.00

Cassava FULL $120.00 HALF $40.00

Dhalpourie $5.00 each

Paratha $5.00 each

Fried Dumplings FULL $100.00 HALF $40.00

Plantains FULL $80.00 HALF $30.00

Marla's Salad (fresh greens and fruit served with a vinaigrette) FULL $60.00 HALF $30.00  

Chutney $15.00 12oz

Hot Sauce $15.00 12oz

Ghost Sauce $60.00 12oz    



We look forward to working with you!

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